KT Tape Benelux

KT Tape Benelux

de Wetstraat 11, 3743 KR Baarn - Utrecht - los Países Bajos

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KT Tape Benelux odv Brink Corporate BV

KT Tape Benelux was founded by Drs. M. Brink in 2012. Since the beginning of 2014, a number of Dutch physiotherapists and sports doctors from the (top) sport actively involved in KT Tape Benelux. Since KT Tape is an international brand, we work very closely with our partners worldwide. Tape has an unrivaled international reputation within the sport. So KT Tape is used by many Olympic national teams and countless superstars. KT Tape uses - as opposed to "traditional cotton" kinesiological tape, kinesiology methods besides also the mechanical taping. That is why our methodology is distributed worldwide through our instructional videos by physiotherapists as well as athletes.


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